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Summer Agriculture Internship

The Summer Agriculture Internship is a training program hosted by the Ajo Center for Sustainable Agriculture. This internship is intended to provide interns with hands-on experience growing on a smaller scale in the Sonoran Desert. Interns get their hands dirty jumping into the real nitty-gritty of farming.


This educational internship teaches thoughtful agricultural practices. Lessons include topics such as ethics in agriculture, noxious weed management, water conservation techniques, constructing raised beds and social media outreach. Interns will also learn about basic business planning, food safety, public speaking and will be working on their job skills.

Additionally, interns will have the opportunity to visit community gardens and dryland fields in Ajo and on the Tohono O’odham Nation reservation.

This experience builds interns’ understanding of the amount of work required to bring food to our dinner tables each night and works to increase awareness of the variety of agriculture and food related careers.

The duration of the internship is throughout 4 weeks in June. This program is supported through the Freeport McMoRan and Pima County.

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